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Welcome to the Life Change Wellbeing Clinic  
If you are looking to develop the tools to manage problems with alcohol misuse including binge  drinking, alcohol addiction and alcohol dependence, the Life Change Wellbeing Clinic has the  expertise to help you make change and finally bring your emotional attachment to alcohol under control.   Very often we use alcohol to block out difficulties we are having including work stress, pressure and  problems in relationships. Alcohol is very often used to block out the symptoms of anxiety, depression,  fears and worries and in turn can create problems with negative anger management.      
Although you misuse alcohol, your negative attachment to alcohol is not the problem. Using alcohol the way you do is something you  have learned to do to cover issues which have had or currently impact on your life. At the Life Change Wellbeing Clinic you will be  helped to unearth how your mind really interprets events and situations which encourages you to block things out with alcohol.   To get permanent relief from alcohol misuse we need to to get to the root of the problem. As you can see from above there are an  array of issues that encourage your alcohol dependence.   The treatments available at the Life Change Wellbeing Clinic for a negative emotional attachment to alcohol include:     Establishing the underlying root cause of why you use alcohol the way you do Helping you to understand the situations which create negativity for you Challenging the negative thoughts that exasperate your alcohol dependence And finally helping you to change your default response of believing alcohol will benefit you and help you manage situations without the support of alcohol. The therapy will help you to stop reaching out for alcohol as an emotional crutch.
Alcohol misuse and a negative emotional attachment to alcohol is completely treatable. Just as you have learned over time to use  alcohol the way you do, equally you can be helped to unlearn the negative behaviour.   As described above, alcohol misuse is generally brought on by negative thoughts, beliefs and interpretations to events and situations and  over time it has become an automatic response to use alcohol as an emotional crutch. For some people alcohol related problems are  brought on by activating events in years gone by and your mind has become stuck and relives the negative provoking situations when  you are faced with similar situations in the present. For others alcohol misuse has come about by copying the behaviour of a parent or  carer and for others it is not being able to cope with situations such as stress, relationship difficulties and depression.   Whatever the reasons for your difficulties with alcohol are, the good news is that the problem is completely treatable and you can create  sustainable relief from how you currently feel.    
My name is Paul Allenby and I'm a qualified and registered therapist using the skills of hypnotherapy,  counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy to bring about effective relief from alcohol misuse,  binge drinking and alcohol addiction. My private practice has been established since 1998 and I have  helped over 2000 people make positive changes to their lives.        
I am registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register, one of the UK's most highly regarded registers of hypnotherapists. I am also  registered with the NHS directory of complimentary practitioners as well as the complimentary and natural healthcare council (CNHC)  and a registered and accredit counsellor with the National Counselling Society.  
Paul Allenby - Certified, Qualified and Registered Therapist 
I have gained a wealth of experience in helping people find resolve to their problems and difficulties with my unique 3 step approach to  therapy. The 3 step therapy gets results because it works at fixing the underlying problem to presenting issues. In step 1 you get an  understanding of why you use alcohol the way you do. In step 2 you create the new mind set to manage situations which cause  negative feelings and in stage 3 you make the behavioural changes for to finally learn to manage situations without using alcohol as an  emotional crutch. 
You do not have to live with problem drinking so if you suffer with any type of negative emotional attachment to alcohol the effective  therapies available at the Life Change Wellbeing Clinic can make a real difference.    
Please use the links below to see how the different therapies work or if you would like to have a  chat with Paul to discuss how the different treatments can help you, please call the clinic any time. 
The example below may not have any bearing on your personal situation but will demonstrate effectively how treatments for  alcohol misuse and associated conditions at the Life Change Wellbeing Clinic work to get positive results.   An example: You are in a stressful job and finding it hard to meet deadlines. Your boss is at you and you are feeling overwhelmed and  start to worry that you are not up to it and you begin to worry about what will happen. On top of the work stress you are having  relationship difficulties because of the stress you are under and can’t face going home in to another argument. You believe that your  partner doesn’t understand you and thinks you are using the stresses as an excuse to drink. You may believe that the situation you are  in is becoming too hard to manage and rather than speaking to people who can help you bottle things up and seek solace in alcohol to  try and make the problem go away.   Using the example from above:   Traditional Counselling would help to get to the underlying issue surrounding your stress and worry. At the moment, you would be  feeling overwhelmed and you can’t seem to see a way to manage your problems which can further add to to your feelings of wanted to  hide away with a drink. You probably feel that you are somehow to blame for all this. In the counselling stage you will be helped to  break your ‘big’ problem down in to smaller manageable pieces.   Counselling at the Life Change Wellbeing Clinic doesn’t needlessly dwell on your past. Counselling sessions get an insight  and understanding as to why situations make you drink. With this understanding you will know what needs fixing. Misuse of  alcohol is what you do but is not what the problem is. Counselling will unearth the underlying problem.     From the example above, CBT would help you to: Look for the evidence that you are not up to meeting a deadline or is it a misguided belief? Is the problem as big as you envisage and can it be broken in to smaller, more manageable pieces? Does your partner not understand you or have you not sat down and told them how you are feeling? Does going home automatically mean an argument or is it a self fulfilling prophecy?
Using alcohol as an emotional crutch has become an automatic response, a habit which has been created by you to manage situations  which you believe to be hostile or negative in some way. You don’t have to think about drinking, you just do it!   Hypnotherapy is very effective in helping with emotional distress such as anxiety, panic attacks, anger management, fears and phobias  and alcohol related problems. The process we use for these conditions is called disassociation. The hypnotherapy sessions  disassociate you from the feelings you experience and when faced with the negative provoking situations in the future, your mind will  help you to respond in a much more calmer, relaxed and rational way.   Hypnotherapy works by guiding your conscious mind in to a gentle rest and your subconscious mind enters a state of heightened  awareness. In this state we can access the part of your mind where your problems and difficulties are stored and effectively release the  negative emotion. Once this emotion is released your mind will take on a new role and not see the current negative provoking situations  as hostile or fearful. Further use of hypnotic suggestion therapy will help you to break the link your mind has to negative provoking  situations and alcohol.  
Cognitive behavioural therapy helps you to challenge your negative thought processes which encourage you to shut down and turn to  alcohol for relief or just to block things out helping you to stand back and look at a situation for what it really is. You will successfully  challenge your core belief and in doing so you will begin to create a state of mind where you reduce your worries, fears and anxieties  and in doing so reducing your emotional attachment to alcohol.  
The combination of hypnotherapy, counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy are very effective  in helping to bring about relief from a negative relationship with alcohol.   

Specialist help for alcohol misuse, alcohol addiction and binge drinking 

Alcohol dependence is not the problem that needs treating  
The programme for change  
We get the results we do because Paul works with his clients in unique and down to earth way. The counselling room is a very relaxed  place where you are encouraged to just be yourself and where you feel that you can talk about your difficulties without the worry of  embarrassment of being judged.   Paul provides counselling, hypnotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy services for alcohol misuse, alcohol addiction and  binge drinking and provides an approach to therapy that gets results.    
Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Once you have the insight as to why you seek refuge with  alcohol you are now in a position to do something about it. CBT helps you to challenge the automatic  thought processes that stem from a negative core belief. (Using the example above, maybe the core  belief would be that this person feels that they are not good enough and are a failure). Once we have  established your core belief then CBT is effective in helping you to challenge your negative thinking.  
Hypnotherapy as a means to treat alcohol related problems. Once you have successfully  gained a better understanding about what causes you to misuse alcohol and the problems it is  covering and have learnt to challenge your negative irrational thinking you are then ready to  make the behavioural changes that will help you manage without alcohol.  
The benefits of clinical hypnotherapy  
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With the majority of people seen in the clinic with alcohol problems one or more of the above is always present and in nearly every  case it is our negative interpretations we have about events and situations which further exasperate the problems.  
Learning to manage without alcohol  
When it comes to treating alcohol abuse, research shows that therapy is usually the most effective option. That’s because problem  drinking therapy treats more than just the symptoms of the problem, it treats the thoughts and feelings behind your problem. Alcohol  abuse is not a medical problem, it is a problem of the mind so it can't be dealt with effectively with medication. At the Life Change  Wellbeing Clinic, Paul will help you uncover the underlying causes of your drinking and and the worries behind it; learn how to relax;  look at situations in new, less daunting ways; and develop better coping and problem-solving skills. The treatments applied in the  clinic will give you the tools to overcome your drinking problem and will teach you how to use them in attainable and achievable steps.     You may have tried in the past to ignore your drinking problems by trying to get through each day and putting a front on it or you may  not have allowed yourself to admit that you had a drinking problem. You may have tried to 'give up' drinking by going cold turkey or by  just telling yourself to not do it   but the more you try and push the thoughts and feelings behind your alcohol abuse away the more the  problem stays with you. This is why the intensity of the drinking problem increases with time......because your mind is too focused on  the thing that you don't want. With the effective therapy for alcohol management, we will work together and help you to focus on what  you do want, the goals you would like to achieve and work in managed steps to help you become free from the grapples of alcohol  abuse.  
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