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At the Life Change Wellbeing Clinic we do not offer just one therapy and hope it works. Paul uses a combination of  therapies to treat anxiety which include cognitive behavioural therapy, exposure therapy, hypnotherapy and counselling.   These therapies are positive in their approach in providing effective and long lasting relief from anxiety.  
The treatments for successful anxiety therapy  
Paul Allenby
Paul Allenby is a qualified and registered therapist and has been in private practice since 1998
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Some people believe that they do not have a problem with alcohol even tough they use it as a means of reward, to manage stress,  worries and anxieties. For every person who misuses alcohol their mind believes that it has a benefit that somehow it offers a pay off.  The mind has been trained to believe this and this is why people find it difficult to quit using alcohol the way they do.   At the Life Change Wellbeing Clinic you will be helped to break this negative and destructive cycle. You can be helped to develop the  skills to release the emotional attachment and any underlying causes that feeds the drinking habit. Even if the thought of having a drink  to satisfy an emotional crutch comes in to your mind you will be able to refrain because of the skills you will develop with this effective  programme to combat your problem with alcohol.  
The treatments help to release your emotional attachment to alcohol  

Alcohol Hypnotherapy

Change with hypnotherapy comes 

about by breaking associations you 

have which links  activating situations 

and the learned response.  

So for example; if you go to the pub 

and get drunk because of the stress of 

work the hypnotherapy sessions 

would break the link between the 

activating event and the response by 

helping you to visualise and create a 

more  relaxed state of mind about your 

feelings of stress.  

Hypnotherapy helps to develop the 

ability to naturally relax your mind 

so that situations which currently 

develop a desire for alcohol will be 

able to be approached with a more 

positive state of mind.   



If you wish to have a chat with Paul to discuss how you can be helped to combat problem drinking call any time on 07584 492254 

Alcohol cognitive behavioural therapy


CBT is the most effective therapy available to  help you change how your mind interprets  situations.   Whereas counselling helps you to understand  your feelings and behaviours, CBT is proactive  in its approach by helping you with sustainable  behavioural change in learning the skills to  manage your negative thoughts and feelings.   You will be helped to develop the skills to see  situations for what they really are as you  directly challenge and break down negative  thoughts and beliefs which add fuel to your  emotional attachment to alcohol.   Cognitive behavioural therapy helps to re-train  the mind to stop seeing situations in a negative  way and the repetition of this approach will help  you take back control and manage your  problem drinking with sustainable results.    

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Alcohol Counselling

Effective counselling for alcohol  misuse, binge drinking and emotional  drinking works by helping to make  sense of why you use alcohol the way  you do.   You know your negative attachment to  alcohol is not good for you, that it  creates problems for home, work and  family life but as much as you try you  can’t seem to do anything about it.  Counselling gives you the time and  opportunity to talk about the situations  which fuel your desire for alcohol in a  calm setting without fear of  embarrassment or judgement.   Counselling helps to clear the cobwebs  from a confused mind and in doing so  you become better placed to recognise  and create workable solutions.       
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You are not encouraged to just talk about how alcohol affects you  you will be helped to do something about it 
However alcohol affects you, whether you use it as an emotional crutch to block out out negative situations in your life or if you can’t  say no when out with friends or if it’s just a bad habit you have developed there’s one thing for sure...     Paul Allenby has the skill and experience to help you take back control. Paul is an experienced therapist of 16 years who has  developed his own unique programme for change that will not only help you understand why you use alcohol the way you do but will  help you develop the tools to stop using alcohol as an emotional crutch. Once this is achieved you will have mastered the skill  of not relying on alcohol to manage situations and let go of the hold it has over you.  
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The specialist therapies will help you to release the underlying problem behind your drinking

Once this is in place you will have full control and be able to say no
The Good News... Paul Allenby at the Life Change Wellbeing Clinic has the skill, expertise and experience to help  manage the problems and difficulties associated with alcohol misuse  
Effective and specialist help for problem drinking, alcohol misuse,  alcohol addiction and binge drinking.   Very often we use alcohol to block out difficulties we are having including  work stress, pressure and problems in relationships. Alcohol is very often  used to block out the symptoms of anxiety, depression, fears and worries  and in turn can create problems with negative anger management.      
Let go of the hold alcohol has over you
Breaking free from alcohol attachment is not hard and difficult as you mind makes  you believe. The treatments are proactive in their approach and will help you  develop the tools to let go of the hold alcohol has over you.  
The majority of clients we see already have their own personal choice of treatment. The above describes the therapies that are  available and depending on how alcohol impacts on you and taking in to consideration your own personal choice of therapy, the  above therapies can be combined or used as stand alone treatments.  
Along with the effective treatments for alcohol misuse we are able to provide lasting relief from anxiety, depression,  anger management, obsessive compulsive disorder, stress, low confidence, low self esteem, panic attacks and  certain fears and phobias. Specialist programmes for change are also available to stop smoking and to lose weight  with our CBT and hypnotherapy weight loss programme.     
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